Sunday, December 15, 2013

3 Days in a Row!

It has now been a month since I left home. It has been quite the adventure so far.
It was cloudy again today with more light snow. The snow is getting softer and the contrast was near zero
all day so I could never see where I was going, where the hard snow vs soft snow was and I had to constantly watch the compass to keep moving the right direction. I only got 7 miles today but I think only about 5.5 in the right direction. I kept having to bring myself back on course. I stopped several times today and waited hoping for better light but it never came. Finally I had enough. I think the cloud cover is suppose to move out soon, but it is sure to be replaced by a good headwind. Nobody said this would be easy.
I hear it is bitter cold back home. Maybe it is warmer here than in much of the USA right now. I really need some nice sunny day to get he snow hard again.
I don't know what is wrong with my inreach I turn on tracking but it says it has sent 0 of 0 points. It is very frustrating.

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