Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Day of Rest

S 83°07.155' W 080°03.086 7.5 miles
Lunch break

I suffered my first mechanical today. At 5 miles into today's ride the freehub quit working, which means the wheel could not spin without the pedals turning, or no coasting. I never coast on this expedition, so not a big deal there but it can result in the chain getting all messed up, and it helps to be able to position the pedals before starting. So I stopped, put on my parka and took the rear hub apart. The freehub was broken where one of the sets of pawls fits in. I took that set of pawls out. It now works but the other pawls don't spring out as well as they should since once set is missing.

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or As most people know us, Mormon. One of the things I have struggled with since I decided to do this expedition is what to do about Sunday. I have always liked to make it a day of rest. On the first Sunday I tried to just put in an easy effort, but that just isn't possible, and it got super windy so I quit early. Last Sunday again I thought I would try and make it an easy effort, but it was a zero contrast day, and ended up being very difficult.

The plan: I am stopping now, fixing a meal then I will do a second session of 5 hours, then tonight I will put in an extra session of biking, then take tomorrow off as a rest day, then get up early Monday morning and get an extra biking session in. Hopefully I can still get 3/4 of a degree of progress in today and Monday.


  1. I'm not LDS, but I thought "day of rest" meant not working to earn money. I didn't think it precluded recreational activities or required one to stay in bed all day.

    1. @ Jim:
      Good question, regarding a 'Day of Rest', even LDS members have asked the same. Farmers still need to feed and care for their animals, of course, even on the Sabbath day. In ancient times only the priests were allowed to eat on the Sabbath, the people were not. Jesus came along, took food from the storehouse to feed the people and the priests got quite upset. Basically we're supposed to devote that day of rest to studying, teaching, doing Gods' work, and so on. It doesn't require anyone to actually "stay in bed", but in Dan's case not a bad idea seeing as his "bed" is a tent in a frozen wilderness, where he can read, pray, listen to or read scripture, regenerate body/mind/spirit, and so on.
      I hope that helps. I too wondered about these same things for a long time, so I know exactly why you'd asked.
      Here's one quote from our former LDS President:
      President Spencer W. Kimball said that the Sabbath “contemplates quiet tranquility, peace of mind and spirit. It is a day to get rid of selfish interests and absorbing activities” (The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball [1982], 215). Not trying to be 'preachy', merely doing my best to explain what many have and still do wonder about this excellent question.

      @ Dan:
      Not knowing if you can even read these comments, or reply to same while out on your expedition, just thought I'd put in my two cents and offer a helping hand. Good going on your progress so far, trying to rollerskate in a Buffalo herd and all that! I'd never heard that song you'd mentioned your Kikuyu mom playing on a record when you were a kid, searched the internet and found it's also the song title too. I now have that song on my smartphone, being sung by Roger Miller! Great little song, my friend, of keeping your spirit high in what seems like impossible situations. Thanks for sharing that moment during your journey, and childhood memory with us!

  2. In my mind the commandment is to remember god, and not work if possible. I worked so hard on 6 days that I really wanted that rest day. I would have been faster had I not taken a sabbath on some of the best weather days, but it was important for me to honor the sabbath as best as I could. The last Sunday was just as I was arriving at the pole. I had to finish, so I biked that Sunday, and took my sabbath on Tuesday. My days of rest were more than just not working, I made it a day to remember God.

  3. Oh, and staying in bed all day was because that is where it was warm. :-)