Friday, December 20, 2013

Nothing Ever Goes As Planned

S 83°00.500' W 079°52.769' 16 miles
Overall a nice day today. A lot of climbing and some soft snow. Pretty much like any other day I crank hard and keep going south.
Today I started making plans in my head, but like Styx says, nothing ever goes as planned. I will reveal one plan tomorrow and the other when I get to 85° south.
I now have my third degree. 85 is 8 GOOD days travel ahead. They say clouds headed this way, which means more of the low contrast days. Not looking forward to that.
Saw my first penguin today. OK, not a real penguin, just a sastrugi that looked like a penguin. When I get back I'll have to add the picture of it to the blog.
The only penguin I saw on my expedition

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