Saturday, December 14, 2013


I want to dedicate this day to my wife, Media (ma-dee-ah). She has supported me and put up with me through the bike store and now this crazy expedition.
This morning was cloud covered again but it was still possible to see, so I made good time riding the bike for the first few hours. Then at 11 it started to snow. I could still see but had to slow down to be able to stay on course. I was still able to get about 9 miles in on my first 5 hour shift. It was looking like I would have an awesome number of miles by the end of the day.
With the snow everything was white, but I could still make out the route a few feet in front of me. After lunch however all contrast was gone and everything was just white. I struggled weaving back and forth across the hardened trail, and had to constantly get off the bike and search for the trail. This quickly erased all hope of getting a decent number of miles in today. Then just before six it finally got to where I could occasionally see well enough to follow the route, and then the last hour or so it was good biking again and I was able to pull out a 15.2 nautical mile day. Not as good as I had hoped, but better than what it could have been.
Weather for tomorrow is suppose to be about the same with a bit more wind.

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