Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dec 1 - Ready to Start

The ski expeditions to the South Pole are scheduled to fly out today. That means that they should be able to fly me to my start soon. I tested pulling two sleds with full panniers. It worked better than I expected. The weight in the panniers helps. With out the panniers I spin out in the softer snow, but with the panniers I don't have that problem.
I filled my hydro flask with hot chocolate before I left on the ride today and when I stopped for a drink it was gone. I was afraid I had lost it somewhere but when I got back to camp it was waiting for me. I filled it with hot water a couple of days ago when it was even colder out. I did my bike ride and then forgot about it and left it out in the blizzard over night. I was worried that maybe the contents would be frozen and my bottle would be damaged. But after all night in a raging blizzard the contents were still nice and warm.
It seems all my equipment is working as good or better than I expected except for my Sherpa 50. For some reason I can't get it to charge. I figured a 110 charger would be of no use on this trip but there is power at the dinner tent, so I wish I had my 110 charger to see if that would charge it.
Go out and be active.

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  1. I have a goal zero guide ten and I don't think it ever got fully charge till I left it plugged in overnight. Any USB charger should do it if you can find one.