Thursday, December 5, 2013

5 Dec - Katabatic Winds!

Been fighting a strong katabatic wind today. It finally just got to be too much, and I needed to add another layer so I put up the tent. I'm getting good at setting up and taking down the tent in strong winds. The first thing I do is attach the tent to a sled or the bike so it won't blow away. Today I attached it to the bike and the tent was dragging the bike until I got a couple of stakes into the snow.
Saw Juan again today. He was in the distance taking down his tent and then he skied off. I imagine that is the last time I will see him. I don't think he has ridden his bike yet.
While alternating between riding and hike-a-bike the Saratoga Farms Pasta Alfredo I had seen in the morning was calling out to me. Eating it now and it is even better than I had hoped. I'm hoping the winds die down tonight. If they do I'll be all refueled and ready to go.
I only got 7 hours in so far today, and I don't know how many miles because the gps is still out on the bike ticking away minutes, but I am not motivated enough to put a coat back on and go get it. Besides the fur ruff is just starting to thaw out.
Remember to go out and be active


  1. Go Dan! Glad you're liking the Saratoga Farms!