Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Juan, Layne, and Todd

15 nm today! I was told that that was the most miles for the expeditions today. Probably because the other expeditions are further south and they have more uphill. The snow keeps getting better. I can now bike over snow drifts that just yesterday were soft and extremely difficult to push over. Even though the conditions get easier, my work load remains the same; I just get more distance.
The mountain in Provo has a big Y on it for BYU. There is a U in Salt Lake City for the University of Utah, and a G in Pleasant Grove for their high school. When I was a teenager they wanted to name a new high school Lincoln. We joked that then they could put up an L and the mountains would spell "ugly." Anyway, when Juan, Layne, and Todd were getting me into mountain biking (there were many others, but those three were the ones that pushed me the most) we would bike to the top of the Y. The challenge was to make it the whole way without putting a foot down. It involved biking at near max effort the whole way, but somehow you had to learn to recover while climbing. I only made it the whole way without stopping
once before they closed the trail to bikes.
Biking to the South Pole is like climbing the Y for 5 straight hours, taking a break and then doing it again for 5 more hours. I am constantly near my max effort, yet have to find a way to recover while working, and keep going. I eventually get stuck and have to stop. Maybe someday I will be able to get a full mile in before getting stopped. For now I am just happy that I actually got 3 sessions in a row that look like it may be possible to reach the end goal.
Chicken Teriyaki with Rice for dinner tonight.
Go out and be active,


  1. Where is Juan, have you seen his tent lately?

  2. Had we known you were going to do something crazy like this, we would have pushed you HARDER!!!

  3. You pushed me plenty hard! If any of you had done this instead of me, you would have done it a lot faster.