Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dec 3 - Crevasse

Max speed - 4.4
Ascent - 1836
Descent - 1074
Elevation - 2023
Distance - 6.26
Time - 9:25
I was told that elevation from a barometer doesn't work in Antarctica. These numbers seem to prove that true. There was 0 descent. The whole day was climbing and steeper climbing. With the soft snow and the weight of my gear, and of course uphill into a head wind, those miles were harder than could possibly be explained.
I ran into Richard Park today. He was headed back to the start to get a reset on his speed record attempt. Shortly after he passed I stepped into a crevasse that he had just skied over. After pulling myself out I wanted to go back and see how deep it was, but I didn't dare get close enough to look.
That seriously was the hardest six miles I have ever done. I will be so glad when I get to the polar plateau and things level off a bit. In another 22 miles it is supposed to get better.
Remember to go out and be active

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  1. Nice work Dan! The crevasse sounds scary! Glad you didn't fall in and get stuck! We're pulling for you. Hang in there.