Monday, December 9, 2013

Viento Blanco

I got a nice early start today. Planned on riding 5-6 hours, take a break and go another 5-6 hours.

I started making good time, it was hard going, but I thought I would get my first good mileage day. The winds kept getting stronger and stronger. It was hard to stand let alone bike or push into the wind. Setting up the tent in the wind didn't sound fun either.

It finally got to the point that no matter how hard I pushed I couldn't move forward. So I have spent almost all day in the tent eating freeze dried mangos and Honey Stingers, and waiting for the wind to slow down to something like 30mph so I can go again.

It is now my normal time to quit for the day. I have to call into ALE each day and let them know I am ok or they come looking for me. After my call, and as soon as the wind slows down I'll go out to get some more distance.

Only 3 nautical miles today. :-(

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