Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday the 13th? No Wonder!

Woke up and could tell that it was cloudy but not too windy. I'm thinking this will be a great day. But after getting the tent all packed up I discovers I could not see any details in the snow. I could not tell where the route went and had a hard time seeing the ski tracks. It is important that I stay on the packed trail or it gets real hard to move. I kept losing the trail and having to search for it. Following a compass would work, but would not keep me on the packed route. So instead of being a great day I was creeping along.
At lunch time I decided to give up my midday break so that at least I would get a reasonable number of miles in by adding 2 hours to my travel time. Then finally in the afternoon the lighting changed. I was able to ride at a pretty good clip much of the time and was able to salvage the day with my third 15 nautical mile day. 15.1 actually. That gives me a quarter of a degree a day.
All in all it was a very very difficult day, but then so was every other day. The first time I completed LOTOJA as I crossed the finish line I said, "get me off this bike!" I guess the people running the finish line thought it was a call for help and they came running up to keep me from falling over. I was tired, but not that tired. Today I needed those people to come and catch me. Several times I would be so exhausted I could not hold my balance and would fall over.
Todd tried to talk me into doing the Race Across AMerica. I was pretty close to being talked into it until the last time I did LOTOJA. After finishing and walking to the car I thought there is no way I want to do this again tomorrow. Well, every day of this expedition is harder than doing LOTOJA, but to be able to have biked to the South Pole makes it worth doing it every day.

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  1. "Cheer up little buckaroo"