Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 30 -- Ups and Downs

South 85º 24.242' West 081º 07.397' Elevation 4,422 ft.  20 nautical miles

Bike and my two sleds with the Thiels Mountains
The day started out sunny with low wind. I was able to crank out a quick 10 miles. The Thiels mountains are visible to the west. It is nice to be able to see something besides just a sea of white. The after noon tuned cloudy and the visibility dropped. I was able to get a very nice 20 miles in for the day. It was a day of going slightly up and down with the altitude flirting with 4,500 ft.  I can't tell if what is ahead is a cloud bank or a steep climb. If it is a climb, that is fine, as the pole is still 5,000 feet higher than I am now. Hoping to get at least 16 miles tomorrow.

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  1. Hi, Im not a biker but I wantet to 1) become a biker 2) go to outh pole (not for glory but for the reasons you mention in your blog_

    So I am following you to see how my trip will be:) You make the trips of others in future easier:)

    I hope you stay healthy strong, enjoy the trip in such a harsh but beautiful place.